Former Fabletics VP Sues the Company For Wrongful Termination and Invasion of Privacy

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Though having a co-founder as smiley and “Pretty Happy” as Kate Hudson makes it hard to believe Fabletics could ever be in a single iota of trouble, the athleisure brand has had more than its fair share of bad press over the last couple years. The athlatest problem for the company is a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Talitha Peters, the company’s former Vice President of Creative.


After being promoted to that position, Peters found herself unable to sleep due to increased stress and was prescribed Ambien by her doctor, The Hollywood Reporter writes. She eventually became addicted to the medication, and took a leave of absence this April to receive treatment. Though it appears she took every effort to keep the details of her treatment private, her superiors eventually did a little digging.

Reports THR:

Peters says defendants researched the specialty of her treating physician and assumed she was being treated for addiction-related issues.

“Consequently, Defendants made the decision to terminate Plaintiff because she was seeking rehabilitation treatment, likely concluding that the treatment was for illegal drug use,” writes Peters’ attorney Ryan Saba. “Defendants’ faulty assumption was untrue, but Defendants did not bother to verify the reasons for Plaintiff’s medical leave.”

After six weeks of leave, Peters was fired at a breakfast on what was supposed to be her first day back.

Peters is now suing Fabletics and their parent company Techstyle (side note: those are both horrible names) “for 11 causes of action including disability discrimination, retaliation, failure to accommodate, failure to grant medical leave, wrongful termination and invasion of privacy.” Hudson is not individually named in the suit, and neither she nor the rest of the Fabletics team have yet to comment.

I hope the Fabletics legal team takes advantage of any and all company discounts, as it appears they have some late nights in their future and they might as well do their work comfortably.

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