Kate Hudson's Fabletics Is Trying to Figure Out Why Thousands of Customers Are Pissed Off

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Last month it was reported that Fabletics, the activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson, called out by angry customers for what they called its deceptive advertising and checkout practices. The main problem, as Racked reported earlier this year, is that “once customers sign up for Fabletics, it’s not easy to get out of the monthly credit card charges.”

But after thousands of complaints, JustFab, the parent company of Fabletics, is going to do something about it. Or, more specifically, they’re going to hire someone else to help them figure out what to do about it.

Reports Bloomberg:

Adam Goldenberg, co-chief executive of JustFab, says the company is bringing in an third-party auditor to analyze customer service systems and will release findings to the public.


Spending what will presumably amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars to “analyze” an obvious problem with an obvious solution is like spending 10 days trying to lose a guy you could easily get rid of in one. But that’s not even my favorite part of Goldenberg’s response. This is:

Goldenberg has also hired executives to head up “member satisfaction” and says the company has looked at offering customers a way to unsubscribe online. But as of now, there are no guarantees. “Maybe in the future we’ll roll that out,” Goldenberg said.

Maybe they’ll fix the problem thousands of people have complained about. Maybe! Meanwhile, Kate Hudson doesn’t appear to be concerned about any of this:


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People have been hating this scam club shit since the Columbia House days.