Former ANTM Contestant Nyle DiMarco Was Given a Wheelchair at the Airport For No Reason Other Than... He's Deaf?

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Holiday times are hard and stressful and traveling anywhere is a nightmare, so I guess maybe that explains why Nyle DiMarco, the winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22, was offered a wheelchair at the airport... for being deaf?


Again, I am sure this was a misunderstanding and the harried Delta employee who consulted his iPad and wheeled out a wheelchair for an able-bodied, strapping, handsome man who is deaf and not in need of a wheelchair was making a simple mistake, but here is some shaky video of what happened, as it was happening.


Obviously, this is not great! Nyle is a tall and buff man who can walk and does not need a wheelchair. Have you seen his cycle of ANTM? He performed many a modeling challénge with his own body, functioning just fine. He’s good.

What’s nice about this story is that Nyle wasn’t salty about it! That’s because he’s handsome and nice and kind and his torso appears to be firm but still tender—lightly furred, hard enough to bounce a quarter off, but not so hard it feels intimidating. Anyway.



Checking in real quick on Pete Davidson who is having a hard time these days. Here’s the latest: apparently Machine Gun Kelly was telling the truth when he said it was a “really weird time” to be hanging around Pete, because, as TMZ reports, he’s in the throes of something, convinced that the world at large is against him.

Sources close to Pete tell us he’s reached out to people in his life and at times lashed out, claiming they were ignoring him and his struggles, and if he did end his life ... they wouldn’t care...

We’re told Pete has reached out to those in his circle, including colleagues asking for help, but at the same time putting up a wall and even accusing them of ignoring his pain.


As mentioned, holidays are hard. Breakups are hard. Good luck, Pete. Godspeed.


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Nyle’s twitter has been poppin, i also really loved these tweets. I feel the same way about Poverty Porn movie