Forget Goats, These Seals Yelling Like Humans Are Fucking Awesome

WILMMMAAAA!!!! If you think these guys aren't channeling an entire generation of yelling husbands from the 50s, you're a liar. Also, the "hi" guy starting at 1:37 is my favorite seal-person of all time. And we've got a straight-up PeeWee Herman at 2:08. And one of them sounds like Steve Carrell in The 40 Year Old Virgin — OH KELLY CLARKSON!


(Or perhaps it is the human who yells like the seal. CHEW ON THAT. Or don't; it's not that interesting)

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Fnarsbourg mentioned that there was a seal who had been raised by a fisherman and essentially learned how to talk from him. I FOUND THE CLIPS AND THEY ARE PERFECT. He sounds like he's saying "Hoooovah, hey hey heyheyhey come ova heah." Maine accent and all!