Forever 21 Faces $2 Million Lawsuit Over Hidden Camera in Employee Bathroom

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Forever 21 is being sued by a former employee for negligence and invasion of privacy for allowing a hidden camera to be installed in the employee bathroom, WWD reports.


The former employee, identified only as Jane Doe, worked at a Forever 21 in Providence, R.I., in 2011. The hidden camera was located in a single, private employee bathroom. Doe discovered footage of her using the bathroom on “multiple pornographic web site platforms.” WWD notes that it’s “unclear” if Forever 21 ever discovered the camera—a confusing statement given the fact that because it was in the bathroom, someone certainly must have put it there.

In the suit, Doe places the blame squarely on Forever 21, saying they were “negligently, recklessly and wantonly allowing a person(s), whose identity is unknown to plaintiff, to enter the employee locker room and the employee restroom, located in the store.” Cameras in spaces that are presumed to be private are prohibited, but the specificities of those laws vary state by state. All employees have a right to privacy, though, and the presence of a hidden video camera whose footage is being managed by an unseen entity and uploaded to porn sites violates that right.

She’s suing for “extreme emotional damages” to the tune of $2 million and will hopefully get most, if not all, of that money.

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As horrible as this is, I’m unsure how Forever21 is at fault in this?

It’s not like negligent practices allowed this to happen. Anyone, specifically employees, could walk in and hide a camera.