For an Uncomfortable Two Minutes, Watch the I Love You, Daddy Teaser

Screenshot: “I Love You, Daddy” official trailer
Screenshot: “I Love You, Daddy” official trailer

I wasn’t expecting to be a huge fan of Louis C.K.’s forthcoming comedy I Love You, Daddy, and the film’s first trailer did not dispel my misgivings. At first I thought it was spoofing Woody Allen’s Manhattan, but it quickly veered into homage territory, an awkward position to occupy circa 2017, particularly in a week that unfortunately included Allen publicly opening his mouth to issue on opinion on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. When I’d finished watching the clip I felt both superior and annoyed, as if having just rejected the advances of a much older man who approaching me by asking “are you a student?” or “what school do you go to?” or “what do you study in school?”


Obviously Louis C.K.’s recent brush with sexual misconduct allegations do not ease the film’s lurid, hackneyed premise: the teenage daughter (Chloë Grace Moretz) of a very wealthy, Manhattan-dwelling TV writer (Louis C.K.) has an affair with an old man (John Malkovich) known for sleeping with young women and directing movies. Louis C.K.’s character is not sure he is ok with his beautiful and carefree daughter dating a man three times her age, and at one point reiterates to Malkovich’s character that she is a minor, to which he responds “a minor what?”

The teaser ends with a woman telling Louis C.K., “I mean, everyone’s a pervert. I’m a pervert. We’re all perverts. Who cares?” Definitely that flippant assertion could do with some unpacking. It’s extremely Whatever Works. I hope the movie (coming to theaters November 17) is better than the trailer, which you can watch below.

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

He just couldn’t go with Pootie Tang II: Electric Pootieloo, could he? Noooo....he had to make some Art™.

Not sure what point he’s trying to make but maybe he had to use up the b\w film before it went bad.