Following James Deen Allegations, Stoya’s Interest in the Porn Industry Remains Unclear

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In November, adult actress Stoya ignited a firestorm in two tweets, when she accused ex-boyfriend James Deen of rape. Deen professed himself “baffled” by allegations from both Stoya and multiple other exes and porn performers, and after a brief hiatus, has seemingly returned to his regular filming and deep tweeting schedule.


Stoya, on the other hand, has made it increasingly clear that she is less than thrilled with how the adult industry received her disclosure, or with the state of the industry in general. While hosting the XBiz Awards not long ago, she made that obvious, tweeting first that it was done under what looks like contractual duress. She also revealed that she’s sold her shares of her porn site TrenchcoatX to her co-founder and friend Kaydren Kross.


During the ceremony itself, she made some pointed remarks, telling the audience, “I’d like to say a few words from my heart. But I won’t. It doesn’t go over very well.”

This week, she also mused on whether it would be wise to “fade” the “Stoya” persona altogether:


In December, the actress said she was “definitely not retiring,” and wrote at length about the need for better and more thorough workplace protections for porn performers. Neither she nor Kross have commented publicly on whether she plans to continue in any capacity at the company.


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Whatever, I am sending the best vibes into the ether for her no matter what she decides to do.