Florida Man's Penis Sliced Off in Horrifying Worksite Mishap

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It seems like everything horrible happens in America's wang—and this time it happened to a wang. Edgardo Toucet is suing a temp company that sent him to work at a manufacturing plant where his penis and testicles were severed by a factory machine.


Actually, it was called a peeler machine. PEELER MACHINE. Ugh! It's a spinning blade that does not have a brake, continues sharpening as it's used, and has a "rundown cycle" in which it takes 45 - 60 seconds to come to a stop. And it's at crotch-level. Toucet, who is from Puerto Rico and doesn't speak or read English, says in his complaint that he was given no "orientation or other formalized instruction or training in preparation for his temporary work assignment as a peeler machine helper" from the temp company. He is reportedly really embarrassed and is seeking damages in excess of $15,000.


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Florida Man Has Penis Sliced Off in Temp-Job Accident [Broward Palm Beach New Times]

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