Florida Man Murders Wife, Posts Pictures and Confession to Facebook

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Derek Medina, 31, fatally shot his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, in their South Miami home this morning. He then posted a confessions and pictures of her dead, bloody body to his Facebook wall.

After he had his fill of social media, he went to a police station to confess. Apparently the picture of her dead lifeless body was up on his Facebook wall for hours, but his entire profile is now gone.

Awfully, a 10-year-old girl who was unharmed was also found inside the home. No word on her relation to the couple, but a photo posted to Medina's Facebook page just yesterday shows the three of them enjoying a meal together.


According to the Miami New Times, Medina listed his occupation on his profile as "actor" on Burn Notice but appears to have appeared only as a featured extra in an episode of the USA show that was filmed in 2009. He also self-published a bunch of crazy-sounding books — including one titled How I Saved Someone's Life and Marriage and Family Problems Thru Communication. Yep.

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Am I being overly cynical in thinking that his Facebook post is a last-minute effort to plant a fact in his favor so he can claim stand-your-ground defense?