Flavor Flav Adds 'Homosexuality Is a Choice' to Hype-Man Repertoire

June 27, 2013 will be recorded in history books as an important day in the gay rights movement. After the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and Prop 8, the day was filled with a terrific sense of hope and a cause for celebration. And then later that evening, VH1 aired the latest episode of Couples Therapy, opening with a speech by Flavor Flav about how homosexuals choose to be gay—unless they are animals.


It's not like we expect anything remotely progressive or culturally sensitive from Flavor Flav. (This is the man who nicknamed two women on his dating show "Thing 1" and "Thing 2.") And while it was nice to see some people trying to present him with some logic on the issue, the conversation was a setup for events in the rest of the episode that would seem to ultimately prove Flav's point.

First, during therapy, there was an extensive conversation in which Joe Francis giggled about how hot he thinks it is when girls go temporarily lesbo in order to turn on guys. Later, Dustin Zito and his girlfriend—both former cast members of The Real World—moved into the Couples Therapy house. During his season of The Real World, Zito's past as a gay-for-pay porn star was discovered by his roommates and his girlfriend. It will undoubtedly be a major issue in their group therapy sessions, meaning that—with no gay couple featured on the show—homosexuality is being portrayed, across the board, as a choice, a notion that does nothing but perpetuate homophobia.


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Why are the kids from Sixteen and pregnant here? I think any progress they would make with a counselor would be immediately undone by the other trainwreck couples?

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