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FKA twigs Might Bring Her Haunting Sound to the James Bond Soundtrack

Illustration for article titled FKA twigs Might Bring Her Haunting Sound to the emJames Bond/em Soundtrack

You get by with a little help from Adele: the Oscar winner has reportedly recommended up-and-coming singer/dancer FKA twigs as a contributor to the newest James Bond soundtrack. "If she gets Bond she'll become a well known name," a source tells the Daily Star.


Adele will, for the second time, be recording the main Bond theme, but — after seeing FKA twigs in concert and becoming a fan — she also passed her work along to Bond director Sam Mendes, suggesting that it might make a good additional fit for the film.

From the London Evening Standard:

"twigs met with top executives and they told her Mendes loves her music and wants some of it in Bond...He was nudged in her direction by Adele, who loves twigs."


Adele and FKA twigs are currently only mutual fans from afar and have yet to speak personally.

"I haven't met Adele," Twigs told The Daily Star. "I once saw her at the XL Christmas party but I didn't say hi, but next time I see her we'll have a talking point."

If FKA twigs can make Google Glass cool, she just might be able to make me interested in a Bond film for the first time in my entire life.

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I don't wanna badmouth Adele, but I'm going to anyway. Her winning an Oscar for Skyfall was a disgrace. Beasts of the Southern Wild (which was not even nominated) deserved the honor. Skyfall deserved a Madonna credit.