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​Check Out FKA Twigs' Concept Film for Google Glass

On Monday, FKA Twigs debuted a concept music video/internet installation art piece, inspired by and partially filmed through Google Glass. You have every right to be suspicious of the use of the product here, but damn if this isn't the coolest thing that's happened to Google Glass, ever.


In the two-minute film, titled "#throughglass," Twigs performs original choreography to re-scored versions of her songs "Video Girl" and "Glass & Patron." It features a lot of vogueing, some krumping, rhythmic gymnastics, and anime eyelid makeup. Just another day in the Google search history of FKA Twigs.

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At 28, it pains me to ask this question, but who the fuck is FKA Twigs and why is she everywhere all of a sudden?

And if any of you assholes respond with a LMGTFY link, you can get RIGHT THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN.