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Fired Banker Shows You Her "Too-Sexy" Work Attire

Illustration for article titled Fired Banker Shows You Her Too-Sexy Work Attire

In a CBS News interview, fired Citibank employee Debrahlee Lorenzana, shows the outfits her bosses considered "inappropriate," including a pencil skirts, a fitted blazer, and a long-sleeved sweater — stuff that clearly necessitates a cold shower. Click to watch.


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[Via NewsInc]

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I'm going to point out the two major elephants in the room.

One, she's attractive. That seems to make her less credible in the eyes of a lot of the commenters here. If she happened to be plain and overweight, everyone would be crying out in unison about the "injustice" and how the evil Good Old Boy's club at the bank continues to keep women down and how the GOB club continues to blame women for their own inability to turn off the male gaze/refusing to view women they find "unfuckable" as equals/imposing their fascist standards of femininity.

Two, she's a WOC. For those of you that are all "*sniff* something sounds fishy to meeee," or " I don't know, there's not something clicking here," have obviously never been told to straighten your hair, or told to do other things that are coded as "for the love of God, please look more white/respectable when coming to work." Nope. Instead, it gets dismissed as a hysterical overreaction by a "clearly incompetent" employee looking to take the fast way out.

An attractive WOC being dismissed for dubious reasons never had a chance for sympathy on this site. Instead, she's "obviously making it all up," and "must have been canned because she was incompetent." Same old song and dance, different day.