Finally, Some Plus-Size Lingerie, Courtesy of Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg, plus-size blogger, clothing designer, and my personal style icon has done what I’ve been waiting for someone to do for a long time: created sexy, un-frumpy lingerie for plus-sized women.


Glamour reports that Gregg’s newly-launched capsule collection with Playful Promises, a U.K-based lingerie brand, is her attempt at offering plus-size women the option of wearing sexy lingerie, should they so choose. “I wear a 38 double-H cup, so I’m on the larger end of cup sizes even in the plus-size community,” Gregg said to Glamour. Part of the reason she designed this collection to be so size-inclusive is because that quite often, the cute and non-matronly bras top out at a DDD, leaving a huge swathe of women out of luck.

Most of the cute, sexy, strappy, complicated-looking bras that you see peeking out of crop tops or blousy tops on style bloggers and that cool person on your morning commute whose life you sometimes wonder about simply don’t come in sizes or styles that are appropriate for women with big boobs. God forbid you’re larger than a size 16 and want to wear a sexy-ass panty that match your bra, because you’d be hard-pressed to find anything beyond some staid lace and full support. Gregg’s collection includes fishnet and lace; I also appreciate the high-waisted underwear on offer, as sometimes it’s nice to have a pair of fucking underpants that sits above your belly button but isn’t ugly. This fishnet bra that has one of those harness straps running down the middle, the kind that I’ve been searching for with the appropriate architecture required to support the floppy bags of pudding that are my breasts. It costs $39 and looks more supportive than any bra I’ve ever owned.

“I was just looking to provide supportive options for larger cup sizes that are still super sexy and have those design elements that are so awesome [instead of] those boring options that come in [...] larger cup sizes,” she said. True to her word, her collection comes in a wide variety of sizes, from 12-24 for the underwear and bra sizes that range from a US 36-38B-I to 40-44C-I. If you’re gazing down at your rack, and wondering whether or not that bra you bought at Target seven years ago is doing you any favors, I bet there’s something for you in this line. Measure your bosoms. Buy a new bra. Rejoice.

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God, how I wish I could feel comfortable in these sorts of things. They got me good, though, from early on, and I can’t even dress sexy when I’m alone. How do you undo a lifetime of being made to feel disgusting and repulsive for not being thin??