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Finally, Some Good News: Marianne Faithfull Is Going to Be OK

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Marianne Faithfull has survived so much in her 73 years on this planet—addiction, homelessness, hepatitis C, breast cancer, cohabitation with Mick Jagger—that it seems unfair that she shouldcontract covid-19 in the first place, but luckily for the entire world, she is going to be just fine.


Faithfull was admitted to a hospital in London at the beginning of April and spent 22 days recovering from a severe case of covid-19. But as of today, according to a message posted to Twitter on Faithfull’s behalf, she’s well enough to go home.


The statement also said that Faithfull is “very grateful” to the NHS staff who, “without a doubt, saved her life.”

I would also like to express my gratitude to the NHS staff. Additionally, my gratitude extends to Faithfull for providing a bright spot of hope in a dark news cycle and also for dressing as an underwearless nun alongside a mulleted David Bowie back in 1973 to record a version “I Got You Babe,” which is also highly psychologically and spiritually restorative.

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