Fetish Fitness Makes Working Out Even More Painful (NSFW)

If going to the gym doesn't already sound like a painful ordeal, perhaps you might want to consider enrolling in Mistress Anna's Forced Fitness Fetish Class, which combines the Mistress's two loves: bringing the pain and improving the physical health of others.


As someone who hates the gym regardless of how much fun some places try to make it (I have the world's best personal trainer and I would still rather break a leg then go do planks), it's hard for me to immediately see the appeal of Mistress Anna's vision, but her clients, who range from pure masochists to "littles" (men whose fetish is to be infantilized) appear to get both a sexual and a physical rush from being forced to participate in the kinkified circuit training class held in Mistress Anna's home.

Here, the participants enjoy some of the same exercises they'd participate in at a traditional gym, but with a special twist. Lunges and squats become more intense when the clients' genitals are weighted down and a stint on the rowing machine becomes much more intense when the mistress pulls one along on chains. And, of course, there are nipple clamps. (Nipple clamps, by the way, are confusing. I received a pair for a birthday once and thought they were meant to hold a napkin around your neck. Like at the dentist's.)

For the clients in Mistress Anna's care, the classes serve not only as a fitness regimen but a release.

"It is a sexual turn on for sure," says Ray. "Mentally there's a certain excitement factor there, physically it's actually very hard work."

"You start to feel like you're out of your own body, sometimes you feel like you're floating on the ceiling."

"You don't feel pain like you normally would in normal circumstances."

Another client, Nick, says this of Mistress Anna's methods:

"The fetish fitness classes have helped me start to change my body to better reflect what I want to look like," says Nick. "I want to be muscular, I want to be fit, I want to be sexy."

Nick also says fetish fitness classes are a great way to boost confidence.

"No one can judge me more than I've judged myself... No one can hurt me more than I actually hurt myself in the past," says Nick. "I accepted myself and this is who I am."

As long as it works and is promoting good health, right? (I am still not signing up.)


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