Feminist Frequency and Crash Override Team Up to Increase Services for Victims of Online Abuse

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On Thursday, Anita Sarkeesian’s web series and non-profit organization Feminist Frequency announced it had entered into a partnership with Crash Override, a crisis helpline and resource center for those experiencing online abuse.


According to a press release, the partnership will make Feminist Frequency the fiscal sponsor of the latter organization and will enable it to “greatly expand operations, assist more people, and create more resources for the public”—all services that are offered at no charge.

“Crash Override is an invaluable resource in combating online harassment and helping targets when they are most vulnerable,” Sarkeesian said in a statement. “This partnership helps further Feminist Frequency’s mission of ending online harassment and I’m thrilled we can support this essential work.”


Today, Crash Override also announced a new tool called Crash Override’s Automated Cybersecurity Helper (COACH), which helps users secure their identity on the internet.

Zoe Quinn, co-founder of Crash Override became the subject of threats and abuse when her ex-boyfriend (and future leader of #Gamergate) posted vicious rumors around the internet about her. Sarkeesian also famously became a target of the group.

“We are hoping that COACH can use the strength of interactivity to assist even more people,” Quinn said in a statement. “By taking huge guides and breaking them down into smaller step-by step bites, we hope to bring practical self-defense to an even wider audience.”

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Image via Feminist Frequency and Crash Override.

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So before the slobbering hoard of Gamergate misogytrolls show up, I just want to say....

Anita Sarkeesian: You are incredible. You have a thoughtful, informative show, and you have SO MUCH courage to keep making it in the light of all of the pointless stupid hatred that has been heaped on you. I admire you so much for fighting on to say your piece, a piece that is only being challenged because of your gender. Rock on.

Zoe Quinn: I am so sorry for what you have been through. No one deserves the treatment you have recieved or to have their lives torn apart as yours has been. I also think you are full of courage, and have fought as hard as you can, and I admire you for trying to make the road easier for those who will (tragically but inevitably) come after you.

Thank you both, for trying to make the internet a better place for everyone.