Female Comedian Cut From Lineup Because TOO MANY WOMEN

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Comedian Jenny Collier shared the above email to her Twitter on Friday, inciting a wave of fury (or at least moderate irritation) at the unknown venue owners who had Collier axed from a show because they didn't want too many women on stage in one evening. I don't know if they thought too many women would ruin the show but isn't that basically the implication? You have too many ladies up in there and suddenly it's all period jokes and no one wants to laugh (or buy drinks) when they hear that shit, okay? GOD, WOMEN COMICS, AMIRITE? Ugh, ridiculous. Let Jenny Collier perform!

Collier, who was clearly inconvenienced by the email (despite the author's fervent hope that she wouldn't be), is garnering a great deal of support from the internet. Hopefully that support will turn into more shows for her (so we can get a YouTube video) as well as more visibility that this kind of thing is happening in the comedy world. And if nothing else, it gives us a chance to celebrate female comedians by raiding the YouTube archives for videos of our favorites. Here are some of mine. Post yours in the comments!

Aparna Nancherla:

Amy Schumer:

Marga Gomez:

Morgan Murphy:

We've reached out to Jenny Collier for comment and will update if we hear back.


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zap rowsdower

Kulap Vilaysack is one of my favorite humans ever and you should listen to her very funny podcast and it recently had Aparna (WHO IS AMAZING) on it!

I would also reccomend Kulap's episode of You Made It Weird that uhhh made me weep?

Also TIG NOTARO IS JUST THE FUCKING BEST! I love this bit but Tig Notaro Live is funny and amazing and will make you cry. She is phenomenal.