Female Adult Baby Wears Diapers 24/7

Last night's episode of My Strange Addiction featured Riley, a 25-year-old transgendered woman who lives her life as an adult baby, sleeping in a crib, coloring, sucking on a pacifier and wearing diapers 24 hours a day—a practice she began at age 13. Since Riley was born a male, she says that she's trying to recapture a girlie childhood she missed out on. Technically her "strange addiction" was supposed to be her adult baby lifestyle, but isn't that more of a "strange behavior?"

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Kat Callahan

Wouldn't that only last for two or three years before you would go on to tea parties with stuffed animals and Disney Princess movies (if we're being stereotypical). I don't see how this in any way is going to help her learn to be a woman (or even a girl first).

The mind boggles.