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Feds Say They’ll Allow Morning-After Pill for All Ages

Illustration for article titled Feds Say They’ll Allow Morning-After Pill for All Ages

YES: Earlier today, the Department of Justice notified the badass U.S. District Judge Edward Korman that they'll comply with his order to allow girls of any age to buy emergency contraception without prescriptions. The DOJ is submitting a plan for compliance, and if Korman approves it, they'll drop their appeal of his sasstastic, righteous, and brilliant April ruling.


The complex back-and-forth battle over access to emergency birth control has been filled with twists and turns over the past two months, including a federal judge ordering the drug be made available without a prescription to women of all ages, the Obama administration appealed that ruling and seeking age restrictions, and then the FDA came back with its own ruling that made only Plan B One-Step available for women 15 and over.


So, yes. This is excellent and long overdue news. When it's all said and done, we can celebrate by having unprotected sex. JUST KIDDING!!! That is a terrible idea; please don't do that. Well, unless you are trying to get pregnant — and then, have fun, you crazy baby-making kids!

[Washington Post]

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so a ten year old could buy plan B without her parents even being aware that shes having sex? seriously? how is this a good idea. if anything it seems like this will encourage victims of sexual abuse to stay silent. im mainly concerned about pre-teens. i think the parents should know if their young children are having sex, or more likely, being abused and trying to cover it up by purchasing plan B. my main point is, how young do we want our immature citizens having sex unsupervised? not to mention the fact that plan B isnt birth control. how many pre-teens are mature enough to recognize this difference? or how about this, giving these young people an excuse not to use condoms? how many young girls will be pressured to not use a condom because a boy says he's clean and she can buy plan B? how many boys will feel safe without a condom because a girl says shes clean and can buy plan B? there is a reason that there are laws about the age of consent, because teens dont have the capacity to make those choices so young. and with the way sex education is in this country we're basically sending a bunch of misinformed kids out into the world with a a false sense of security. ugh i hate this.