Feast Your Eyes on the Teaser Trailer for 'A Deadly Adoption'

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A Deadly Adoption, the highly-anticipated Lifetime Original Movie (or LOM, as I like to call them), starring Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell, will be here on June 20. The cable network has been slowly tantalizing us with its arrival, first by releasing a poster last week and now, a 20-second teaser trailer.

From Lifetime:

Inspired by a true story, A Deadly Adoption is a high-stakes dramatic thriller about a successful couple (Ferrell and Wiig) who house and care for a pregnant woman (Jessica Lowndes, 90210 ) during the final months of her pregnancy with the hopes of adopting her unborn child.


Just last weekend I immersed myself in a LOM marathon consisting of Double Daddy and Deadly Revenge, so you can count on me to be analyzing both Ferrell and Wiig’s performances with a critical eye. After all, talent is measured differently in the realm that is Lifetime. Will Wiig be as mesmerizing as Life Goes On’s Kellie Martin in Death of a Cheerleader? Can Ferrell match Rob Lowe’s astounding portrayal of Drew Peterson in Untouchable? We shall soon find out.

Image via Lifetime.

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I think we’ve reached a meta level of parody that is a parody of meta level parodies.

Like Schrodinger’s cat is the director of the sequel to the lifetime channel’s original grumpy cat film.