Father Of "Octomom" Questions Daughter's Mental State

Ed Doud, father of "octomom" Nadya Suleman, appeared on Oprah today - per his request - and admitted that he questions his daughter's "mental situation," asking Oprah if she'd help him get Nadya evaluated.

It seemed a bit weird that both Oprah and Mr. Doud were musing about Nadya's mental condition, since she was not there to answer for herself. He also claims that Nadya was under duress when she sat down for her interview with Ann Curry and explained that he believes that both his daughter and her doctor acted irresponsibly by implanting so many embryos. However, he said it was ultimately "God's will," explaining, "It is religious."

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Anna, if you're reading: not that anyone has to listen to me but I would really love it if Jezebel called it quits on the "Octomom," "Octopussy," whatever terminology. It's calling a person who clearly has some mental issues names. Does anyone else kind of feel awkward about this?