Fast Food Workers Fired For Trading Food For Weed Hits

Two fast food employees in Tacoma, Washington have been fired for accepting hits of hash oil in exchange for burgers and fries.


The above video was taken by marijuana advocate Jonah Tacoma, who is big into the practice of “dabbing,” which is apparently a way to smoke really concentrated weed in the form of hardened, wax-like THC extract. Via FirstCoastNews, Tacoma and his pals were in the drive-thru at Frugals, a fast food chain in the Pacific Northwest, when they asked if they could pay for their food with dab hits. Whoever was manning the drive-thru said sure (probably assuming they were kidding), and then the video happened. Tacoma held onto the video for a month, but after it was posted, a Frugals customer apparently saw the video and called the company to complain about it. Shortly after, both employees who had taken hits were fired.

Let’s get this out of the way first: the employees are ultimately responsible for their own firing. Not that there’s anything wrong with marijuana use in general, but really, they’re being fired for egregious stupidity. Using drugs on the job is dumb enough (if reasonably common in the food service industry), but doing so when you know people are filming it? Come on. You’re asking to be fired at that point. Weirdly, though, the employees wind up being—by far—the least obnoxious people involved in this story.*

See, Frugals could have just fired them and been done with it, and it would’ve been fine. In their statement about the firings, though, the company managed to break the land-speed record for self-righteous douchery. First, they addressed the fact that they have a no drugs in the workplace policy, which is certainly reasonable. Less reasonable was their follow-up comment:

“How very unfortunate that the media has chosen to spotlight and sensationalize this incident, which may only serve to encourage this type of behavior in publicity seeking individuals.”

The jerk-off motion I’d like to make right now would influence tides, so be glad my arm is not long enough to execute it. Yes, it’s the media’s fault this happened for reporting on it, Frugals. Well done.

Actually, the biggest jackass here is probably Tacoma. When asked about whether he thought it was fair to put the Frugals employees in this situation, here was his response:

“I don’t think we put them in jeopardy,” he said. “I think they chose to participate. The reality is we are making a statement.”


Oh for fuck’s sake...what “statement” are you making, here, aside from “Jonah Tacoma is an asshole?” Marijuana is legal in Washington. You won that fight. And I mean, great; obviously, marijuana use should be legal everywhere, and eventually, it will be. But are Tacoma and his ilk so wrapped up in their own persecution complex that they still think shit like this is some sort of noble protest statement? You want to make a protest statement, go film yourself doing this in one of the 46 states where the fight hasn’t already been won. Otherwise, get the fuck over yourselves.

Given the fact that all parties are using this as a good opportunity to show their ass, I don’t see a reason to be anything but #TeamNobody. Apropos of nothing, I can’t decide which is a dumber and more irritating to listen to weed-related word: “dab” or “dank.” Whatever, they’re both fucking stupid words.


* A special shout-out for dickery goes to the customer who narced on them. Seriously? Fuck you, guy. Christ, everyone in this story is annoying as hell.

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Velvet Von Black

I live right across the bridge from Tacoma. It’s kind of the Florida of Washington.

Unless that honor should go to Spokane? Either way, gotta vote #TeamNobody, as well. Just wow. It's legal, quit acting like you're a martyr to the cause.