Amidst designers dropping their latest collections at New York's Fashion Week, there was one show where women dropped the gauze and showed off their new faces and bodies. No, they didn't do anything cool like put an alligator's head on an octogenarian's body, it was just your average nose job and tummy tuck. Yawn.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir put together a "Faces of Beauty" cosmetic surgery showcase, and it featured women with puffy pouts and trimmed thighs walking down the catwalk to the hot hits of today. Rhinoplasty was matched with a remix of Goldfinger, and liposuction got JT's Suit and Tie.

After the women The Swan-ed themselves down the aisle, it was time for the artist to take his bow.

The plastic surgeon himself emerged at the end with a bevvy of his patients on his arm, and addressed the audience: "It’s an incredible feeling to be supported like this. Instead of the overdone Hollywood thing, if it’s done correctly—" there’s that word again "— you can maintain your individuality."

OMG, that's exactly what Effie Trinket said! Let's all go maintain our individuality by getting the same faces.