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Fashion-Gazelle Nina Garcia to Help Regular Slobs

Illustration for article titled Fashion-Gazelle Nina Garcia to Help Regular Slobs

How do I get on this show? I want Nina Garcia to dress me up in her love*! Is it like getting on What Not To Wear? Do I have to send in pictures of me wearing sandwich bags as a bra? Or do I need my coworkers to take photos of me wearing my clothes backwards and inside-out? Like, several of them so it looks like that happens on the regular. I will do what it takes.


As you can tell, the show is What Not to Wear with Nina Garcia as both Stacy and Clinton. Or Clarissa Explains It All with Nina Garcia as Clarisa. Basically, it's any show that's good, but even better because Nina Garcia is in it. At first I thought that Garcia might have a hard time dealing with common disgusting slobs real people, but she's actually quite charming. The highlight of this particular webisode is when she and the adorable grandma she's towering over can't stop themselves from saying the word "sexy" — it's mesmerizing.

Also, did you know that she has about 43 jobs. Of course you did, you're probably actively invested in at least four of them — I know I am! Also, she's a mom of two. Get it, Ni-Gar**.


Nina Garcia's Decoding Style: Kate Salko Looks Better Naked

*But I'd also want her to be really mean to me because it's NINA FUCKING GARCIA.

[NY Mag]

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Not a "People" Person

I haven't seen the U.S. version of WNTW, but I hated the British version, mostly because these women weren't volunteers- a bunch of their friends and family would send in pictures of how badly they were dressing (because nothing says "I love you" like humiliating someone on national TV!) and then recordings of them saying how embarrassed and ashamed they were to be seen with them. And there were quite a few women on the show who clearly didn't want to be there are were perfectly happy how they were. At least How to Look Good Naked was on a volunteer basis and people knew what they were getting into.

This looks fun, not least because they're using clothes as something fun, rather than being a "Oh dear God, woman, you look like a bin man, don't you realize other people have to look at you?" sort of deal.