Farrah Abraham Gives Daughter $600 for Losing Teeth

Farrah Abraham must be working with a baller tooth fairy. The former Teen Mom, New York Times best-selling author, singer and aspiring surgeon, gave her daughter Sophia $600 for losing two teeth.


Abraham posted a photo on Twitter of her child’s toothless grin, where a stack of crispy $100 bills are seen in the background. When I lost a tooth during a family vacation at my grandpa’s house in Massachusetts, I was stoked to see a $20 bill waiting for me underneath my Magic 8 Ball. Sophia gets six bills and an array of jewelry and accessories from Claire’s.

Via Us Weekly, she also posted this video which is sure to give me nightmares tonight.

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Image via Twitter.



I got like 2$ from the tooth fairy. You got 20$??????

600$... pffffffffft. I really hope that shit is going into a savings account or something.