Famous Baby Ariana Grande Must Think Babies Are Evil

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“Evil Baby Ariana Grande Strikes Back at Media” is what this headline could read, too.


In an interview with Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy for V Magazine, Ariana Grande talked about her role in the new horror series and also addressed rumors of her diva ways. Let’s rewind.

Less than a year ago, the tabloids pegged Grande as a “diva,” citing her rumored requests to be carried around like a baby. It was Jezebel’s own Madeleine Davies who thoroughly investigated the matter and uncovered the truth of Grande’s baby identity.

Grande, predictably, blames The Media for how this ridiculous rumor spiraled out of control. Here’s the exchange (emphasis ours):

RM [...] You are a strong young woman and you sort of handle your own career. Nobody gives you shit or tells you what to do. But the media has translated that into, Oh, Ariana’s a diva. I’m here to say that’s not true. I’ve worked with a lot of actresses and a lot of times they do their scene and flee back to the trailer and they’re treated a certain way. You’re not that way at all.

AG It’s sort of the media’s job to make things up in order to keep their audience interested. In a way, I kind of understand them. But I don’t really look at the Internet anymore. The only reason I go on is to post things for my fans. I don’t read anything anymore because I came to an understanding that, okay, sometimes these people are going to say nice things, and sometimes they’re going to say fake things because they need to keep their readers curious and interested.

What could this baby mean, exactly?

RM Well, I’m here to tell people you’re not a diva at all. [...] I was obsessed with how everybody kept telling me that Ariana would be carried from her trailer to the set by her bodyguard. I’m like…that’s not true! She’s not carried around! Where did that ridiculous thing come from?

AG I posted a picture with my friend Gryphon carrying me after a video shoot because I was doing pointe. At this point I hadn’t done pointe in like, five years. So I was up on my box all day on a 15-hour shoot, and to go from not doing pointe for five years to being on your tippy-toes for a 15-hour shoot day, you’re pretty much fucked at the end of the day. My friend Gryphon was carrying me and I posted a cute picture of it. So of course the media turned it into some evil thing. But hey, Gryphon and I had a good laugh about it.


Glad you and Gryphon had a good laugh about it. But “evil thing”? Pshaw. First of all, babies are cool. One should be honored to be part of their group, not to mention thank us, The Media, for being truth seekers.

How dare you.

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all i got out of it is her friend name is Gryphon