Fake Freckles Will Make You Look Forever Young and Fertile

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As we all know, looking old is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a woman (outside of actually being old, the HORROR), and so the (alleged) latest trend is to paint freckles onto your face in hopes that you'll trick everyone into thinking you're a five-year-old. So sexy!


Refinery 29 teaches you how to get the job done:

Already seen on Holly Fulton models at London Fashion Week and in debut products from Illamasqua and MAC, there's just something youthful about the way freckles appear on your face. Faux frecks are achieved by applying normal foundation over the bridge and nose and on the tops of the cheeks. Then, draw large, light, and closely packed freckles with eyeshadow. You can place additional dots on your T-zone with a pencil brush and shadow powder. Of course, to make the freckles look as natural as possible, you should aim for a scattered effect, though Crilly emphasizes the importance of layering.


So, who's gonna do this? I guess the positive is that it's relatively inexpensive and doesn't involve going under the knife or shooting botchalism into your geriatric mug. So, at least there's that? And makeup is supposed to be fun, and what's more fun that pretending you're a kid again?

[Refinery 29]

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Ginger, get the popcorn!

This is kind of OT, but related to aging. This is also kind of TMI, but I'm hoping a Jezzie has some wisdom.

I have pretty big boobs and for the last few months I've noticed that when I wake up I have deep grooves in my chest (presumably from the way my chest settles while I sleep), and they aren't going away all the way during the day anymore. Basically, at the age of 24, how do I keep my chest from getting the deep wrinkles that I always associate with older age and waaaaaay too much sun damage? Help me out!