Faith Hill's New Redbook Cover: Photoshopped Again!

As reported yesterday, notorious Photoshop-victim Faith Hill is gracing a trio of Redbook covers... as Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, & Grace Kelly. Unfortunately, the mock-ups have no cover lines, so we added some electronic magic ourselves.


Nowhere in the magazine's new interview with the country singer did Redbook editors address the Photoshopping scandal from almost two years ago; the writer, Lori Berger, did, however, mention that the magazine's new cover shoots involved "20 total hours of primping, painting, pinning, and plucking" and that the "results are extraordinary."

Oh, and there was this hard-hitting question:

What do you try to teach your girls about beauty so a bad hair day doesn't become a crisis?

Hill's answer was, well, illuminating.

Mostly, we have tried to lay the foundation for the girls to have a sense of self-worth that goes way beyond anything that's not real or achievable.


Anyway, here's Redbook's "original" shot of Faith as Brigitte Bardot.


No mention was made of Bardot's own controversy, which includes being charged and fined for "inciting racial hatred" stemming from remarks she made about Muslims. (She's also criticized the modern-day gay man. She likes them retro-y.) Here's our version, with cover lines:


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