Ex-Boyfriend Hides Under Woman's Childhood Bed For 3 Days

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The idea of someone hiding in my shower or closet or under my bed is a top five fear. The idea of an ex-boyfriend hiding out under my bed for three days is something I had never even considered was possible but now I will never stop considering it.

But that’s what happened to a New Jersey family this May. Jason Hubbard, the ex-boyfriend of Margaret Adamcewicz’s daughter, was discovered to have been living under the guest room bed and playing with his four cell phones in the family’s New Jersey home for three days before they discovered him.

NBC News writes:

The man... remained in the Middlesex County jail Wednesday in lieu of $50,000 bail on charges of burglary, criminal trespass and theft of services (electric current). That last count was lodged because he allegedly charged the four cellphones he was carrying on an electric outlet under the bed...

Hubbard was arrested May 10, but the incident wasn’t made public until Tuesday night because Spotswood police release arrest records only every six months.


“He was hiding upstairs underneath the bed in my daughter’s bedroom,” Adamcewicz said in an interview with an ABC affiliate. “He used to date my daughter five years ago... It didn’t end well... He didn’t say why he came back. He just picked our house to hide out in. He didn’t have a home to live in.”

“I don’t think he was eating,” Adamcewicz continued. “I think he just had water under the bed... I wasn’t scared I was just angry.”

Actually, maybe this story is more sad than scary.

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