Everyone Is Having Sex In Cars These Days

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A survey claims over half of adults have had sex in public, which is a lot less hot when you find out that most of them did it in parked cars.


According to PRNewsWire, sex toy company AdamAndEve.com conducted a (no doubt extremely scientific) survey of people's public-sexing preferences, and found that 52% of adults had done it at least once. For those who had engaged in public sex, popular sites included "parked cars (80%), the woods (55%), a park (44%), beach (42%), and workplace office (25%)." Adam & Eve's "resident sex expert" Dr. Kat Van Kirk says, "Sex in public can add a sense of adventure to routine lovemaking habits. I'm happy to see so many couples keeping sex exciting, although I do encourage adults to be discreet and keep their erotic encounters far from prying eyes."

Given that the survey only asked participants whether they'd ever had sex in public, it's possible that some were recalling not recent efforts to spice up an adult relationship, but the furtive public couplings of adolescence. A drugged-out pair made headlines today for oral sex in a moving cop car, but the parked car is a time-honored refuge for horny teens who want to go at it far from the prying eyes of parents. Those who have taken part in such behavior are unlikely to recall it as the finest sex of their lives. Still, props to the folks who have managed to pull off sex on a beach. And for the 5% of public sexers who went at it in church — congratulations, I guess?

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