Everyone Going Through a Breakup Should Get to Have Lunch With Laura Dern

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We’ve already addressed the fact that Irina Shayk is weathering her split from Bradley Cooper by wearing a vinyl skirt in a helicopter. Excellent recovery strategy! B+! But breakups are a war, and in this case, I think Bradley Cooper’s lunch with Laura Dern was exactly the right move.

I have absolutely no idea what Cooper and Dern’s friendship is like. What I do know is that, dressed in the same outfit her daughter wore to Zoë Kravitz’s wedding, Dern comes across as a soothing relationship oracle placed in Manhattan for the express purpose of saying exactly the right thing and gesturing in exactly the right way; placing a sympathetic hand on a shoulder at precisely the right moment. We should all get a Laura Dern to talk to during trying times! It should be a Constitutional right! Who’s with me!


[Just Jared]

As Amazon employees were preparing to strike in protest of their working conditions, Jeff Bezos was happily cloistered at Wimbledon with his former mistress/newly legitimized love, Lauren Sanchez. Here’s a photo, because I hate you.

Imagine looking that carefree while thousands of warehouse workers walk off their jobs on Prime Day, which I guess we’re all just supposed to take for granted is some sort of national holiday? Ah, the insulating bubble of extreme (extreme) wealth!



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Looks like Laura is screaming at him