Everybody's Mad at Rita Ora

Except for Ronald, I guess.
Except for Ronald, I guess.
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Quel scandale!

Rita Ora got caught visibly lip syncing while performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, much to the delight of the Internet writ large. Apparently, the backing track started before her mouth did, and while the resulting effect wasn’t quite as embarrassing as Ashlee Simpson’s famed SNL hoe-down, it was....not great, Bob!


NBC’s cameras seemed incapable of sparing Ora public humiliation by panning away to a big balloon or something, and so everyone watching the parade on television got to see the screw-up, prompting much laughter and many tweets about Ora being a fraud. Macy’s issued an apology for the flub, noting that “several recording artists experienced technical difficulties” and that “these issues were out of the artists’ control.”

Of course, “technical difficulties” don’t necessarily mitigate the fact that the parade’s so-called “live” performances are couched in a bed of lies, but according to John Legend, there’s method behind the madness:

Ora swears there’s no lip syncing at her non-parade shows, so perhaps she, like Mariah Carey, will soon be able to rise from the lip sync ashes like a jubilant crooning phoenix—which, it just so happens, is the title of her new album, which drops today. COINCIDENCE??!!!??! I think NOT.


Snooki is having another baby. This is only vaguely news, but I suppose it is nice.


Congratulations to the Snookis.


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Cheers Pink Ears!

People showing off their sonogram pictures is so weird to me. The grey scale ones don’t look like anything but tv static, and the 3D ones are downright Kill it with Fire!