Every Beautiful Oscars Gown Since Ever in One Interactive Infographic

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Last Year, Big Group gave all of us something special right before the Oscars: A beautiful infographic featuring (almost) all of the beautiful gowns worn by Best Actress winners since 1929. This year they've updated it, made it interactive and featured more Meryl, which is basically what all of us wanted anyway, right?


From Big Group:

We selected actresses that had won Best Actress Oscar, appeared at least 7 times at the awards and over a period spanning decades. There are some actresses who couldn't quite make the cut due to time and budget (sorry, Sandra Bullock) but I hope to add more at a later date. What we do have are 17 actresses, 155 outfits and 46 designers, all for you to select, filter, arrange and zoom in on. Enjoy!


Feast your eyes upon this marvel and decide which gowns are your favorites, which ones you hate and which are actual crimes against nature that should be punished with a fate worse than death itself. (You know I'm talking about that swan dress, right?) (Because that's what I'm talking about.)

Also, check out last year's version, which is still one of my favorite things on the internet aside from videos of hamsters eating burritos.

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Since she was so cruelly and pointlessly left off of the original infographic, I give you Norma Shearer accepting her 1930 Best Actress Oscar for The Divorcee.

Norma Shearer played a host of modern, sexually liberated women over the course of her career. In The Divorcee she rebelled against her husband's double standard for extramarital affairs, ended up divorced, and had a slutty good time in fabulous gowns (until eventually repenting in a way that seemed tacked on to appease moral critics). You may have seen her in The Women, where she went toe to toe with Joan Crawford. She also starred in A Free Soul, where she had to choose between gentle hottie Leslie Howard and sexy gangster Clark Gable.

ETA I changed the win year to 1930, because that is the correct year she won, but Mary Pickford also won that year. If you go to IMDB it looks like they gave out two sets of awards in 1930? Weird.