The climax of the season two finale involved a he-said-she-said-they-nodded argument among the majority of the roommates. It was stupid and boring—and this show only works when it's stupid and fun.

Watching this episode was much like the reaction one would have to being served a plate of fried frogs.

The tone was set at the start of the episode when half the cast was nauseated—during their trip to the Everglades—which turned out to be somewhat poetic. The finale was like the hangover to a season of good times we mostly can't remember. I'm not one for declaring when 15 minutes are up, largely due to the fact that I'm usually waiting for that particular moment in a person's pop cultural lifespan, as I love few things more than washed-up celebrities. But it would seem that, by the end of season two, the cast had clearly had enough of each other. And their body language mirrored my feelings while watching them.


But they also verbalized how they all "hated each other" on the After Show.

The tension culminated with an argument that involved shit-talking and talking about shit-talking.

With all the flack the show has received regarding violence among its cast members, this fight sort of proved why they normally lean toward—and frankly, are better at—physical rather than verbal altercations.