Evangelical Zealot Who Got Ads Pulled From All-American Muslim Is A Recovering Porn Addict

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Before Florida Family Association founder David Caton started protesting against the loving families shown on All American Muslim, he tried his hand at writing. His 1990 book, Overcoming the Addiction to Pornography, is a treasure trove of weirdness.


The book, published by Accord, bills itself as Caton's story of beating his own addiction to porn. Its cover boasts a section containing "special guidance to wives" (Caton seems to assume that wives can't be porn addicts themselves). Sadly, the text doesn't appear to be available online, but a reader review of a book on Ted Bundy does quote from the book, in support of the notion that Bundy's serial killing was caused by porn use. The reader quotes Caton as follows:

The moral conscience of man becomes desensitized and seared from the use of pornography. Pictures which at one time were repulsive, obscene and vile become attractive to the porn user as his moral conscious erodes. By viewing soft core pornography, the porn user has opened the door for all wickedness and evil acts to become acceptable to him. The desire for harder porn becomes obsessive as the softer material appears less erotic to the porn user. Most often the porn user escalated his immoral behavior by indulging in hardcore porn, child porn, sadomasochistic porn, satan worship porn, and snuff (actual killing) films. The damage done through this escalation of immoral behavior is irreversible without Jesus Christ. The porn user has now become a prisoner to the spirit of bondage. Such bondage often leads the porn user to act out scenes in pornography, thus raping, molesting and even killing innocent people.

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Also, the Nov./Dec. 1995 issue of the American Family Association Journal (already a worthwhile read for its handy list of sexual innuendo in Disney films, and edifying articles like "Liberal philosophy makes flawed assumptions"), ran the ad at left, which helpfully shows what porn addicts look like. The ad promises that the lessons of Caton's "17-year addiction to pornography" will offer "direction and hope for thousands of people who are addicted to pornography, for the wives of porn addicts, and for those who counsel people who are involved in inappropriate sexual behavior."


Sadly, the book seems not to have helped readers very much. One Amazon reviewer says that reading it along with another book helped him with his addiction. Another, however, says, "Although it tries to help, I am still addicted to pornography. I seem to be using it more now than ever before." A third titles his review, "Made things sooo much worse," and explains,

My wife forced me to get this book because of my addiction. After reading it from cover to cover multiple times, I found myself loving pornography even more. My addiction became worse and now, I feel as if I am on the downward spiral to other, much worse things. Skip the book and instead, go to an adult book store and buy as much as you can. Trying to get bored of pornos is better than trying to wean yourself from it.


Fortunately, Caton has since diversified his efforts. In addition to claiming that All-American Muslim "is attempting to manipulate Americans into ignoring the threat of jihad, he's also taken issue with a plan to build a light rail system in Florida's Hillsborough County. Of the railroad proposal, he said, "I think it is immoral. He elaborated, "I believe it's immoral to tax, to take more away from the poor to give money to the special interests." It's good to know that in a world besieged by the evil influences of pornography, Islam, and rail travel, we have David Caton to defend us.

Overcoming The Addiction To Pornography

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As someone who lives in Tampa, the idea that he's actually saying "the light rail would take away from the poor" makes me livid. It would have created SO MANY JOBS and made transportation to jobs much easier. But of course we can't use public funds at all. On anything.