Eurovision Guy Who Looked Like He Was Doing Coke Was NOT Doing Coke, Says Eurovision Guy

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Italian rock group Måneskin didn’t even make it a day after their big Eurovision win this weekend before stumbling into their first major press scandal. Mamma mia! But such is fame…


During the finale’s broadcast on Saturday, frontman Damiano David was briefly shown on screen celebrating with the rest of his group. Before the camera cuts away, we see him dip his head down against the table at which he was seated, which, to a lot of people watching at home, made it look like he was snorting a line of cocaine, Pink News reports.

David has since denied that interpretation of his movements.

“[Guitarist Thomas Raggi] broke a glass,” he said, per NBC News. “I don’t use drugs. Please, guys, do not say that. Don’t say that, really. No cocaine, please, do not say that.”

The Eurovision Broadcasting Union’s findings thus far back up David’s story. The organization noted in a statement released on Sunday that broken glass was later found where Måneskin were sitting. David is also going to take a voluntary drug test, so watch out for that, I guess.

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Mortal Dictata

The fact they’re so upset about being seen as drug users just makes me hate how this is being spun as a win for rock or metal music even more. This is a supposed “rock band” where the lead vocalist wants to be clean cut and that blond guy was the most embarrassing drunk of the night who then blubbered like a small child for much of it. And their look seems to be incredibly manicured and their sound very generic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out they’re in fact a bunch of upper class toffs pretending to be what they think rock stars look like.