ESPN Hosts Drop The Princess Bride Quotes All Night Long

Say hello to your best new little friends. I know, that was a long song, but this is pretty rad, stick with me. On Sunday's episode of NFL Kickoff, hosts Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, and Tedy Bruschi stuffed an insane amount of The Princess Bride quotes into their half-hour show.


And with that, they're the cleverest, greatest, and handsomest sports TV show hosts on the planet, and I'm issuing an official marriage proposal to all of them. When the four of us get married, we shall say our vows and enjoy some masterful swordplay (WHAT EW NO), we will retire to our screening room to watch The Princess Bride on repeat and drink wine with iocane powder (to which we have all built up an immunity). Inconceivable!

OK, well, if that's not possible, at least we know they're really great dads. Maybe the best dads. Gentlemen, please understand I hold you in the highest respect.

Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, And Tedy Bruschi Played A Genius Trick On An Oblivious America [Sportsgrid]



This has got to be some sort of bet! Watch the dude slap his hand on the desk at the he just lost after the other guy land another one. Brilliant.