It’s hard to imagine how he’s even found the time to keep the city safe! After a subway shooting in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park earlier this year, which left an estimated 29 people injured, Adams vowed to increase police presence in subway stations after already increasing police presence in subway stations, which did not in any way shape, or form stop the shooting from occurring. He has also focused his efforts on “turnstile jumpers” who cannot afford subway fares, removing unhoused people from stations in the dead of winter, and removing permitted street vendors from places they are legally allowed to work. Thank you, Mayor, finally I can sleep at night.

It’s not like there are 2.5 million cases of Covid in the city at the moment or anyone reeling from the racially motivated mass shooting in a Buffalo grocery store frequented mostly by Black customers, despite Adams running on a gun violence platform. Nothing to see here. Let’s focus on the dancing!!!