Emma Watson Thinks Comparison Of Trump And the Beast Is Pretty Darn Funny

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

As you may know, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens star in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast as, respectively, Beauty and the Beast. It’s a sweet little story: romanticized Stockholm Syndrome, a big mammal with anger issues, and some library porn. And according to Stevens, it’s even timely, given the Beast’s similarities with president-elect Donald Trump.


During a Facebook Live Q&A, Stevens tickled his co-star’s funny bone when he responded to a question on what we’ll learn of the Beast’s backstory.

“That’s an interesting question, isn’t it?” he began. “I suppose we see a little bit of his backstory. We learn a little bit more about this vain, spoiled, rich kid, son of a billionaire who treats women like objects and lives in a luxury tower.”

Get it?!?!

Sadly, the Beast is probably far more loathed by his contemporaries than Trump, though both have inspired crowds of people to take to the streets. In any case, Watson giggled, and all were merry.

It’s an apt comparison, but you must pardon me — it’s a little hard to laugh when you’re burning in a Boschian hellscape.


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The big difference is that the Beasr shows he’s capable of change and becoming a man worthy of Belle’s love. I have yet to see evidence Drumpf is capable of that level of self reflection and change even if he wanted to. Also, pro tip, typing on a phone wearing weight lifting gloves is fucking HARD!