Elton John Now Implicated in Megxit

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As the fallout from last week’s explosive Megxit news continues to wreak havoc on royal families and group chats worldwide, it’s worth taking stock of which celebrities are and are not involved in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to “step back” from being official senior members of the royal family. For instance, (allegedly) not involved: Oprah. Involved: Elton John. Elton John!


According to Page Six, Harry and Meghan confided in John long before they went public with their decision to distance themselves from Prince William, Duchess Kate, & Co., move-ish to Canada, and rebrand as “Sussex Royal” (with a .com and not .uk website address, to boot). The tabloid says that John spoke to Harry and Meghan “every day,” and even knew about their plans before the Queen did.

Like Oprah (or so she says), John reportedly didn’t influence Harry and Meghan so much as he was a sounding board. Per Page Six:

“They made their decision alone, but he’s a shoulder to lean on and listened as they spoke about their plans,” the source said, calling Sir Elton “a constant support” for the couple.

A source close to Elton told the paper that the star “has been their rock.

“So while he would never tell them what to do, he has been a listening ear and support throughout,” the source said.

John and Princess Diana were very close when she was alive, and a source told Page Six he’s an “almost ‘motherly’ figure” for Harry, which I cannot help but find quite lovely, as I’m getting sappy in my old age.

Meanwhile, on Monday Harry and Meghan are headed to Sandringham, the Queen’s estate in Norfolk, for a Megxit-related meeting/showdown at Grandma’s request. It sounds quite daunting, or at least like a slightly less boring episode of The Crown.



I like how this has become some kind of caper that everyone has to “solve.” No, no you don’t. It wasn’t a crime; there is nothing to solve. This was the decision within a family between grown-ass men and women. Nobody is to “blame.” No one needs to have been “implicated” in anything surrounding this.

I’m sorry, but the media has been more even more shameful than they’ve usually been in covering this family’s internal dynamics, second-hand bullshit being directly attributed to key members of the family, etc.

The tabloid British press is absolutely the worst on the globe.