Elle's 'Modern Love' Issue Not So Lovable

The February Elle 'Modern Love' issue has been out for two weeks, but we just couldn't bring ourselves to read it until now. What did we discover?

'Modern Love' looks a lot like recycled love—-pages and pages of expensive, ballerina-pink lingerie. How many underwire-free lace bras and bloomers can one woman own? There's also the obligatory but "shocking" relationship articles, one of which beseeches readers not to pity or chastise the wives of men who cheat. Another piece concerns "healthy" couples who don't have sex. The piece on JLo seems familiar too: JLo in "holy sh#t size emerald cut diamond earrings" takes care of her children. JLo is only talking to us because she has a new movie and album out at the same time just like 2001 without Ben Affleck. Or was that PDiddy? Anyway, the album's called 'Love?' and how appropriate is that for Valentine's Day? Ugh. More inanities in the issue, below.


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