Ellen Pao Is Writing a Book About the 'Toxic Culture That Pervades the Tech Industry'

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Finally, a memoir that actually stands a chance of being worthwhile. Ellen Pao is working on Reset, billed as “a fearless first-person account exposing the toxic culture that pervades the tech industry and defined her experiences both as a Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist and Reddit CEO.”

That’s according to Recode, who got the announcement from her publisher. Pao famously took on Kleiner Perkins, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent VC firms and her former employer, with a gender discrimination lawsuit. While she lost, the case brought additional light to the longstanding gender gap in tech generally and venture capital specifically. She resigned from her position as interim CEO of Reddit after users pitched a fit of truly astounding proportions because the company, as part of a new plan attempting to prevent harassment, had shut down some subreddits such as “FatPeopleHate.” The backlash included calling Pao seemingly every possible variation of the insult “cunt” offered by the English language.

The announcement from her imprint (Spiegel & Grau, part of Penguin Random House) adds that:

In telling her story as one of the few visible, prominent women of color who have reached the C-suite in corporate America and have dared to speak out about her experience, Pao, now the founder of Project Include, aims to spark a movement to empower other women and minorities; to Emi Ikkanda as her first acquisition at Spiegel & Grau, at auction, by Albert Lee and David Kuhn at Kuhn Projects.


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‘Oh, that is great! we are really happy for her and totally support her!’ Said every tech bro ever.

HAHAHAHAHA, just joking.