Ellen DeGeneres Caught Portia de Rossi Doing the Jane Fonda Workout

OK this is pretty wonderful.

As fans of all things awesome know, The Jane Fonda Workouts are back and more tubular than ever. This is the final blessing of 80s revival and we are all better for it. It turns out Jane Fonda's tapes have a big fan—actress Portia de Rossi. (Needs more leg warmers, Portia.) This was discovered by her wife, Ellen DeGeneres who filmed these 22 seconds of glory so we can all appreciate it. Thank you, Ellen.

Not to be outdone, de Rossi got her longtime love back thanks to Twitter and this clip of her wife on a treadmill, singing to "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson. That is perfection as well.


Those who have never screamed sang on a treadmill may cast the first stone.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

This is for sure wonderful and yet my cynical little brain can't help but think it's faked.