Workout Like It's 1985: Jane Fonda's Fitness Vids Are Being Rereleased

Jane Fonda's 1980s aerobics videos were the conduit that first brought fitness to the home (via that fun new invention, the VCR). It was a good-time workout you could do in your living room, led by that spunky actress everyone wanted to be, and befriend. Her debut 1982 video remains the best selling fitness video of all time—and now her entire catalog of best-sellers is getting a re-release, just off the bliss of her 77th birthday.

Shape has interviewed the fitness guru about the re-release, which have never before been available digitally or on DVD. (You can definitely find clips from the tapes poking around YouTube, though, and they're pretty great.) You may be unsurprised, if not dismayed, to know that Jane Fonda is a big fan of athleisure: "I wear my yoga pants unless I have a business lunch or something like that," she told Shape. "You put on a nice pair of boots and they just look like dark pants. I like lululemon!"

SAD FACE. More importantly, Fonda is still inspiring people with her original videos:

Shape: What is one of your favorite stories from a fan about how your videos affected their life?

JF: This woman wrote me a letter and said she had been doing my original workout for a while and one morning she was brushing her teeth and looking in the mirror and she saw a muscle in her arm for the first time in her life. It made her feel so powerful that she went to work that day and stood up to her boss. That's one of the stories that made me realize seeing your body become fit and strong is not just a physical thing, it's also a psychological thing. It's very empowering. It's like saying 'I'm here. Deal with me!' That's one of the things that makes me the happiest about having done this. It's not what I thought. It's an unintended byproduct that's so beautiful.


Amen. A beautiful byproduct of self-esteem and empowerment, wearing a beautiful set of legwarmers and a side ponytail.

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