Elizabeth Taylor's "Fat Farm" Stint

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Vanity Fair has a slideshow, courtesy of Elizabeth Taylor's close friend Maury Hopson, of the time the pair spent at a Florida "fat farm" in the late 1970s (when she was married to Senator John Warner), that was part spa, part rehab, and part weight-loss camp that they jokingly nicknamed "Butterfield Ate." Get ready to see a lot of amazing muumuus and Candies heels.


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I guess we just call these "spas" now and they are way expensive. (I totally want to go with one, not really to lose weight just to detox and feel healthy and rejuvenated.)

These are cute photos. She looks like a middle aged mortal human in them and not the unfathomably beautiful star, but just as cute as can be. Only time I've ever looked at Liz and thought "cute."

She looks happy but in some there is a hint of sadness in her eyes too.