Elisabeth Hasselback On Organ Donation: It's All About Her Uterus

It's ironic that Elisabeth Hasselback wants the government to stay out of her uterus after she's dead. But when people are alive, the organs are fair game for politicians making laws how to use them.

Are uterine transplants even conducted, considering they're not vital organs?

Today on The View, Joy Behar said that she's superstitious and was always afraid to check off "organ donor" on her license, thinking it was a death sentence. She admitted this was silly, but said that maybe people would be more willing to be organ donors if it was an automatic thing when you got your license, and that you could choose to opt out of, if you wanted.


Elisabeth didn't like that idea one bit, saying that we're already giving too much to the government.

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In addition to checking the box, join the National Bone Marrow Registry. This is a bit more work than checking a box (need a blood test) and may cost a few dollars (depending on your ethnicity and how it's set up in your area) but you can donate and regenerate this vital organ! I'm on the list! To learn more: [www.marrow.org]