El Chapo Reportedly Had Time for Erectile Disfunction Surgery While on the Run

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After escaping from prison last summer, Mexico’s most powerful drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman surely found himself with a busy schedule trying to run the Sinaloa cartel and also stay out of prison. It appears that he also had time to undergo surgery for a testicular implant: as befits a man running a large cocaine empire, El Chapo was suffering from erectile dysfunction.


Guzman reportedly received the surgery in a Tijuana hospital sometime between September and October 2015 after he sat down with actors Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo, according to La Opinion.

When authorities captured Guzman earlier this month, sources say his hideout was replete with “injectable testosterone, syringes, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs” and a pharmacy note for more than $4,000 pesos in sexual performance drugs. Oh and he had four DVDs of La Reina del Sur, a narco telenovela starring del Castillo.

Elsewhere, on his “I interviewed a murderous drug dealer” press tour, Sean Penn told Charlie Rose during a filmed interview that El Chapo’s capture ruined the impact of his article and its real purpose. From the New York Times:

“I have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose,” Mr. Penn said, “which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy in the war on drugs.”

He continued: “Let’s go to the big picture of what we all want. We all want this drug problem to stop,” and later added: “And how much time have they spent in the last week since this article come out, talking about that? One percent? I think that’d be generous.”

Imagine that: Sean Penn cozily interviewing a drug lord connected to up to 70,000 murders was a distraction from a sophisticated conversation about drug policy.

In case you’re late to La Reina del Sur, catch up below:

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