E.L. James' New Book Will Teach You How to Write Erotica

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Want to write about someone taking a steamy dump on your chesticles? Well, you're in luck, because E.L. James is set to release a journal/how-to book that schools you in the fine art of leaving it all on the page. You'll scribble down the desires of your inner goddess in an instructional novela that's sure to set your creative muse (and loins!) on fire.

As Vanity Fair reports:

To coax said readers into unfurling their inner goddesses, James will also supply a foreword, excerpts from Fifty Shades of Grey, and an inspirational playlist that helped her write. On an aesthetic note, the Fifty Shades of Grey how-to journal might actually invoke a stronger stigma for its readers than the actual Fifty Shades of Grey book did, thanks to the words "Inner Goddess" scrawled in red cursive on the cover. However, according to Vintage Books publisher Anne Messitte, the guide was designed not to embarrass those holding it in public but to satisfy Fifty Shades of Grey readers who are curious about how James first got started: "Her personal story as a writer is inspirational to many women, and journaling has been an important part of her creative process from the start."


[Vanity Fair]

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My latest writing project is a paranormal romance I hope to submit to Harlequin. It's a story I enjoy myself, but since starting, I've been crippled with doubt and shame: Will writing this mean I get trapped in the romance novel cul de sac? If I *do* get published, can I ever escape the reputation of being a romance writer? Does *wanting* to write romance automatically make me stupid/less talented/pathetic?

Worse, what if I CAN'T get published? If I can't even make it as a romance writer, does that mean I should give up all together??

Reading comments on articles like this does not help...