DWTS To Change Voting System In Wake Of Bristol Win

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After Tuesday night's result-show upset, followed by the news that the Tea Party is exploiting a glitch in ABC.com's email voting, the show is reportedly "restructuring to give the judges' votes more weight."


According to a "solid source," people behind-the-scenes at Tuesday's show "went crazy." Despite maintaining composure on screen, Brandy and her partner Maks were "livid" backstage. The fact that Bristol remained in the competition and is headed to the finals—over the much more skilled dancer Brandy—stunned producers. "This is going to lead to a reworking of the entire voting system," said the source.

It's unclear for now how that will happen, as producers recognize that part of the show's success relies on the public knowing that they can have an impact. The source adds, "We don't want to lose that because that could have a detrimental effect on ratings, but this is getting nuts."

‘Dancing' toward reform [Chicago Sun-Times]



I disagree with a lot of what is being said here. A few days ago when this story first came up, it seemed like the majority of commenters were refusing to take the Tea Party bait and argue over a celebrity dance show. Now it seems like the tide has turned and if there's not exactly outrage, there is a lot of consternation, snobbery and meanness. A couple of things:

1) I really don't think there is any "glitch" in the voting system - I'm guessing ABC wants to say they get "x million" votes, and the loosey-goosey voting system allows those numbers to be higher. This should tell you something - namely, that it's always been at least 1/2 a popularity contest.

2) As pointed out by others, this is hardly the first time an "undeserving" contestant lasted longer than people think they should have. People have cited AI; there are also examples from DWTS. I mentioned yesterday that Kelly Osbourne made it into the final three over a better dancer (Joanna Krupa); she also lasted longer than she should have in general, if we're just going on scores. But people voted for her because they liked her and because she improved. Donny Osmond also won over Mya that season, though Mya was a consistently superior dancer.

3) Why all the hating on DWTS? It's a dumb show, sure, but I would guess almost everyone here who watches TV watches one or two dumb shows. The snobbery is unappealing. I don't care if people don't like it but I don't appreciate my intelligence or politics being questioned just because I do.

4) In general I don't get all the Bristol Palin hate. Dislike, sure - she's put herself in the public eye enough to merit that. But she's not her mother, and I think people are conflating her with her mother and that seems unfair to me. Talking about looking forward to seeing her lose and cry is just nasty. Also, suggestions that the right thing to do would be for her to just quit - really? I don't think that's a reasonable expectation for a contestant on a tv dance competition.

I don't particularly like any Palins (well, I love Michael Palin), but I hate to see people falling for the Teabagger's games.